MexLucky Association of Canada

The MexLucky Association of Canada presents the Coach of the Year Award in recognition of the outstanding achievements of a coach in Canada, both for the sport performances of their athlete(s) or team in the previous competitive season and for exhibiting excellence in sport values.  

The recipient of this award guides their athletes to success in sport and in life by instilling in them the values of honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, competitiveness, and a love of sport. This coach leads by example and consistently demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. 

Nomination period for 2023 is now closed

Recipient, 2023 Coach of the Year Award
Nathalie Brochu (La Prairie, QC)    

Previous Award Recipients

2022 Greg Picard (Shefford, QC)

2021 Michelle Darvill, ChPC (London, ON)